Customized Herbs

Customized Herbs 1Chinese Herbs have been served as the foundation for “Traditional Chinese Medicine” in China for thousand of years. They offer a non-invasive, non-toxic approach to healing the body. Knowledge of the healing power of Chinese herbs has been passed down from generation to generation, and today represents one of China’s greatest gifts to mankind. In China, herbal remedies are used as much as acupuncture to treat energy imbalances and illness.
Methods of Diagnosis
Traditionally, the act of diagnosis is Chinese medicine has been divided into four categories; pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, questioning, and general evaluation. Factors such as the speed and feel of the pulse all bring meaning and color to the practitioner, telling them what exactly is going on in the body and how that leads to symptoms that are felt by the patient. Tongue diagnosis is the second most important method of diagnosis for the practitioner. By looking at the color and surface of the tongue, the practitioner is able to confirm the hypothesis formed when they read one’s pulse, leading to heavier convictions as to what might be the root of one’s discomfort.  
Selecting Herbal Formulas And Ingredients
Due to a multitude of reasons, such as living in a polluted city, many people tend to have complex health problems. In order to help the practitioner understand how to assist the patient, several phases of the healing process must be undertaken. Each person’s body is unique therefore herbal formulations are customized. In the first phase of the herbal process, an initial formula is selected based upon the four categories of evaluation. A mixture of Chinese herbs are combined based upon the person’s syndromes.  Herbs are defined by their inherent tastes and their affect on a person’s body.  Syndromes that have a hot quality, indicated by sign such as rapid pulse, redness of the tongue or complexion, dark colored nature of fluid discharge, thirst, hyperactivity, or feverish feeling are treated largely by herbs that are classified as having a cooling nature. Syndromes that have a cold quality, indicated by the opposite signs of slow pulse, pale color of the tongue or complexion, light color of fluid discharge, absence of thirst, or chilly feeling are treated largely by herbs that are classified as having a warming nature. Because most people have a mixture of cold and hot types of symptoms, the prescription is likely to contain a mixture of warming and cooling natured herbs to create a balance. Customized Herbs 2 Herbs are then further divided into flavors – spicy herbs are used to treat a condition of accumulation or stagnancy, such as accumulation of moisture, or restrained movement of Chi. These are indicated by a sense of fullness, numbness, tenderness or pain in some parts of the body, uneven circulation, or swelling. Sweet herbs often have a moisturizing effect. Herbs that have a salty flavor are used when there is a localized swelling or hardness. They are used for very thick sputum, for swollen lymph glands, tumors, and abscesses. Herbs that have a sour flavor are often astringent in quality and are used when there is excess drainage of fluids, as might occur in cases of frequent urination, chronic leukorrhea, excessive sweating, or watery sinus drainage. Herbs that have a bland taste have a gentle quality and are often used to help distribute moisture.
This formulation is normally made to be consumed for a period of 1 to 3 weeks. After the person is able to have ample time to assimilate and absorb the herb, the patient is asked to return. This time the practitioner is evaluating patient’s response to the formulation. Following the evaluation of responses, the formulation is then changed to meet the improvements of one’s health.
Herbs With Acupuncture
Typically herbal formulations are used in conjunction with acupuncture therapy to help patients heal faster. There are many times when herbal formulations by themselves may not be enough. Blockage of Chi, especially with challenging illnesses such as post stroke paralyzation, require the usage of acupuncture to promote recovery. Your doctor will help you select the most suitable treatment for your specific needs.

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